lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

Da Guy By Da Guy, Betet Merta In Bali

Welcome to the world of "Da Guy" otherwise known as Betet Merta. He's one of Bali's star pupils and is one hell of a time to throw back a few drinks with. Here we get the man at his locale watering holes, making a strong case for his nickname. Need tips on how to navigate Balinese localism, take your advice from Betet. Or as he says, make like the Japanese surfers and "pay the locals to drive them to the good spots and get the waves they want. The Australians always do their own thing, they get bikes and get themselves to the spots. The Japanese are smart, so they pay the locals and get good waves." Here are a few quick minutes of Da Guy giving him home breaks a going over. 

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