lunes, 2 de enero de 2017

Victoria Vergara

Few in surf ooze an aura like Victoria Vergara does. She enjoys love in the morning, and love in the afternoon, and makes the act of longboarding truly elegant. A French beauty, a wave-rider of the highest aesthetic quality, a drinker of wine and owner of a delightful demeanour, Miss Vergara charms in every way. Stab could not help but celebrate her subtle magnificence in our most celebratory, if modest, fashion: the attention-stealing photo essay you see here. Shall we also, briefly, explore the romance in Victoria’s life?

Describe your perfect man: Funny, tall, blue eyes, tanned, and smart.
Your worst-ever date? I’m lucky enough to have never been on a bad date, but my best friend was on a terrible one, and it’s too good not to share. So, she was expecting to meet a gorgeous artist, but what she found was the complete opposite. He was 6’5” and covered in huge jewellery, wearing a leather shirt, jacket, and matching leather pants, with shoes that had special holes for each toe. He spent the evening staring at her and trying to get uncomfortably close. He told her he wanted to burn the image of her face into wood… because he said that she had good bone structure for it. Towards the end of the evening, she told him she had to go walk her dog (though, she didn’t have a dog), and undeterred, he asked if she wanted to go see the back seat of his hatchback Prius, because it was very roomy...

VV 0002
The best date you’ve ever been on? FA candlelit sushi picnic on a tropical beach at night, stargazing.
Liquor of choice on a date? Wine, of course… I'm French!
Sexual debut? Who wants to remember that?
Turn-offs? I need a guy who can keep up with me when surfing.
What is romance to you? Sliding into my DMs? Kidding! It’s when I’m feeling butterflies in my stomach.
The best time for sex? When it is spontaneous.
Ever been on a blind date? Oh, God no!
Favourite part of a man’s anatomy? His hands.
Is surfing the world’s sexiest sport? It’s one of the sexiest, for sure. Tanned and fit bodies in swimsuits...
The perfect first-date scenario? Beachfront drinks.
Love in the evening, or love in the morning? Love all day.
Where’s the perfect romantic getaway? Wherever there are good avocados… or, The Maldives.
VV 0008

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