domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Anastasia Ashley Will Star In "Naked And Afraid"

Anastasia Ashley Will Star In "Naked And Afraid"

Excuses for the female form seem to be trending... And this is somewhat old news, however, we've just been notified that the lovely miss Ashley will be participating in the Discovery Channels’ Naked and Afraid, and thus we shamelessly present you with the following. Naked and Afraid is a program on Discovery Channel that takes two strangers of differing genders, strip them of their clothing, drops them off in an undisclosed (to them) remote location such as the Louisiana swamps, the Costa Rican jungle, Bolivia, the Amazon for 21 days and documents their survival. Each contestant is allowed one item to assist their survival, the rest lies on ingenuity and resilience. 
Anastasia’s been shot by everyone from us to Sports IllustratedMaxim, Terry Richardson, and more. It's the weekend, so here's one for the, or to be hungover. 
Ms Ashley for Stab shot by The Cobra Snake: 

For The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. 
By Terry Richardson. 

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